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Our content is organized into the following themes (chapters). These are the chapters titles from our Primer, but we use them here as links to the list of resources we offer online.

Key themes

Meaningful learning in an information age

Instructional software

Online tools for communication

Online inquiry

Desktop and online tools for working with images, sound, and video

Projects for learning: Authoring and tutoring to learn

Coding and computational thinking

Responsible use of technology



Technical issues


How we would use this site

General thoughts on textbooks


Note: As you explore these resources, you will eventually encounter a request that you register in a way that establishes your connection with an educational institution. These resources are part of a larger collection of content we make available and some of these resources encourage user participation. Any time users are allowed to participate there can be a small minority who abuse the opportunity by including inappropriate material. The presence of inappropriate material reflects badly on us. By requiring an authentic email address associated with an educational institution we believe we can minimize this problem. Since we provide these resources at no cost to users, we believe we have the right to ask for authentication. We take advantage of the user sign-in system of Drupal to generate the database entries the entire system uses for authentication. Drupal sends us an email indicating someone has requested a user account and we check to see that the email address is university or school based. An email sent to that address then allows the user to assign a password and access all materials. We welcome inquiries from course instructors who might want to propose a different process.


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