This blog has some strange characteristics. One seems to be that few follow this blog as a feed and a good deal of the traffic comes as a result of search. I guess I am not certain why this is the case. Perhaps this is because some of what I offer consists of tutorials. The most popular posts seem to be tutorials. It may also be that the ability to comment has been limited. I did this as a defense against what mostly was spam and not responses to the posts. I noticed that someone seemed to be attempting to respond to a post in which I outlined some of the findings of a recent Generation M study. Among other things I questioned the interest of some in the educational value of video games. I can see how some would want to reply. I do say things to challenge and I should do more to encourage response. I have tried to relax the settings to make it easier to respond. You still do need to register.

One thought on “Comments”

  1. Wow! I could never even figure out how to register before. I always thought it was interesting that you never allowed comments; maybe I don’t understand how WordPress works?

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