A commitment to 365 days and at least 365 pictures

Year end always brings goals and resolutions for the year to come. The goal of taking and sharing a picture a day received some attention within this general discussion and Cindy thought it sounded interesting. We have made the commitment to give it a try.

As I thought about the concept, it occurred to me that I had encountered it before. Under my coffee table (now the table in my office that holds my Tivo, AppleTV and HD TV) is a book by Jim Brandenburg – Looking for the Summer. I think of Brandenburg as the nature photographer from this area famous for his wolf images, but this book is a one picture per day thing. I thought the book was based on an even more challenge premise – take only one photograph per day – but in rereading the Intro I learned that this was an earlier Brandenburg book – Chased by the light. I remember that self challenge and have always been impressed. Impressed, but not sure that I exactly understand the point. Perhaps it involves a personal commitment to perfection. My personal standards are not so high. I find life with all options available, even some second takes, about as challenging as I can handle.

Then, I remember seeing a news story about a photographer, a college prof if I recall correctly, who walks to the same location each day and takes the same picture. I also tend to remember this as a Minnesota photographer. I tried to find this collection online and failed. Perhaps someone will recognize the individual or can identify a related web site.

The 365 photos project (there seem to be several) is presented in several ways. Version 1 – improve yourself as a photographer. Version 2 – reflect on or photoblog your life. There are perhaps other foci as well.

Here are several web sites on the concept:
Photojojo 365 Project
365 Project
Flickr Project 365
Lifehacker Description (this is the source I reviewed)

There must be some interesting educational versions (e.g., Middle School Matrix, CogDogBlog). Perhaps a photograph from each school day. Seems like this is a little different than a photoblog. Instead of “here is something interesting I encountered”, think “this is what was interesting today”. Perhaps this is about realizing that there are interesting things around us at all times. Isn’t that what good photographers are able to show us? Things that we see, but don’t really SEE.

Our own plans are still a little sketchy and I not sure yet how we will format our final version. We are presently just uploading images to my Flickr account and attaching the 365 tag. Our personal rules are simple – the picture must be taken on that day. I think “taken” is close enough for me. If necessary, I think I will let upload and annotate slide a little. So far, three days and three images. I wonder how long we will go before we forget? Will I get out of bed when I remember and trudge outside in the snow to find something I can photograph with my Blackberry? Actually, this may increase the likelihood that I will carry my phone with me a little more. We will see.

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