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Bernie Dodge presented about WebQuests at NECC. For the next few months you can view this session online.

This session was interesting to me for two reasons. First, it is always interesting to understand how someone associated with a process or product understands his/her own vision. When you are acquainted with ideas indirectly, you may acquire a personal perspective that is different than originally intended. I use the word “different” to indicate that each of us brings our personal experiences to the interpretation of abstract ideas and the result may be more or less useful than the original. The opportunity to interact allows moving toward a shared vision (a social constructivist kind of thing). However, after listening to Bernie on multi-occassions, I am also convinced his own ideas drift (grow/change) as I am sure is true of all of us. Anyway, if you are interested in WebQuests, you will benefit from this presentation.< The second reason I liked this presentation was the focus on a “community.” This is an idea many of us have played with and considered how to develop. Dr. Dodge has made the assumption that those individuals interested in WebQuests represent a potential community and the collective wisdom and time of this community exceeds his own. The goal is to find a way to tap into this collective wisdom and time for the benefit of all. His present effort to do this is represented in a web site – WebQuest.org.

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