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Dr. Mark Grabe

Professor – Department of Psychology, (now retired)

Professor – Instructional Design and Technology

University of North Dakota

I retired from working in the Psychology Department at the University of North Dakota in 2014. I continue to work with the IDT program at the university and to write in the area of technology integration. We have updated our textbook on technology integration. Free content related to this textbook can also be found at LearningAloud.com. More recently, I have developed what I would describe as a primer focused on teacher design of learning content based on online information sources (web pages and video). This new resource is titled Layering for Learning.

Scholarly Interests:

My present scholarly activities include work on the following projects:

K-12 Student Multimedia Authoring

Cyberbullying in K-12

Mastery learning and student performance in individual progress educational systems

Development and Evaluation of On-Line Study Environments for Large Introductory Courses – computer supported metacognition, study efficiency and time to learn, collaborative note taking.

New models for what have traditionally been called “textbooks”.

Teacher as instructional designer.


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Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning – our book web site

Instructional Design and Technology graduate program. I am involved as a faculty member.


Course Web links:

IDT 540 – Digital Media and the Internet in Schools

Recent Publications:

Grabe, M. & Holfeld, B. (2014). Estimating the degree of failed understanding: a possible role for online technology. Journal of Computer Assisted Instruction. 30, 173-186.

Grabe, M. & Grabe, C. (2013). Integrating meaningful learning (6ed.). Cindy and I have separated from our long-time publisher in order to offer our textbook as a hybrid Kindle ebook and online resources. The online resources are available at no cost to those associated with an educational institution.

Holfeld, B., & Grabe, M. (2012). Middle school students’ perceptions of and responses to cyberbullying. Special issue (Digital Pathologies), Journal of Educational Computing Research, 46(4), 395-413.

Holfeld, B. & Grabe, M. (2012). An examination of the history, prevalence, characteristics, and reporting of cyberbullying in the United States. In Q. Li, D. Cross & P.K. Smith (Eds.). Cyberbullying in the global playground: Research from international perspectives. Blackwell.

Grabe, M., & Flannery, K. (2009/2010). A preliminary exploration of on-line study question performance and response certitude as predictors of future examination performance.  Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 38(4), 457-472.

Grabe, M., Flannery, K., & Christopherson, K. (2008). Voluntary use of online study questions as a function of previous minimal use requirements and learner aptitude. Internet and Higher Education. 11, 145-151.

Grabe, M. & Christopherson, K. (2008). Optional student use of online lecture resources: Resource preference, performance and lecture attendance. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. 24, 1-10.

Grabe, M. & Grabe, C. (2007). Integrating technology for meaningful learning (5 ed). Boston: Houghton-Mifflin.

Grabe, M. & Grabe, C. (2006). Justifying student multimedia authoring. Educational Technology Guide, Issue 15, 70-71,73.

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Grabe, M., Christopherson, K., & Douglas, J. (2004-2005). Providing Introductory Psychology students access to online lecture notes: The relationship of note use to performance and class attendance. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 33, 295-308.

Grabe, M. (2005). Voluntary use of online lecture notes: Correlates of note use and note use as an alternative to class attendance. Computers and Education, 44, 409-421.

Grimstad, K. & Grabe, M. (2004). Are online study questions beneficial? Teaching of Psychology, 31, 143-146.

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