Our Participatory Philosophy

New Internet tools offer a unique opportunity to tap into the unique talents of many individuals. It is this sharing of talents and ideas that we are attempting to encourage. A basic challenge is how to generate an environment that will encourage such behavior. Why should educators contribute when it is not clear that their generosity will be reciprocated?

Here is an approach we think might work. We will go first. Here, you will find resources we have prepared as our contribution to the project. You will have to take a quick look to see if you think the contributions have value. If so, we hope your are willing to reciprocate. We work in professional development and have experience as authors. So what we offer comes naturally from our experiences and talents. In return, we hope you share based on your own experiences and talents.

Participants' Portal - The Drupal Site

The concept of a portal implies an entry point. Our Drupal site (Participants' Portal) presently exists to serve a couple of very simple services. First, it is a way for us to control access. We are trying to encourage the participation of those willing to give something back to the community and to do what we can to block spam and inappropriate content. To accomplish these goals we must have the opportunity to identify users and to block some individuals when necessary. Second, the site offers a simple method for you to link your contributions to ours. At present, we believe there is value in encouraging everyone to be responsible for their own resources and their own approach. We are not attempting to capture anyone on "our" site. The idea is to offer participants a simple page they can use to describe their ideas and projects and to link to the resources they are willing to share.

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