Scrible - adding highlighting and notes to web pages

Scrible is a browser-based service for highlighting and annotating web pages. Scrible was not one of the tools described in Layering for Learning, but has very similar capabilities to some of the other web page annotation tools. I was surprised to learn when I was researching Scrible for this description that I already had a Scrible account established in 2011. Scrible has evolved since that time with Scrible Edu designed as what I would describe as a research tool for reviewing online content for the purpose of integrating this research as a writing project. The capabilities now include tools for both educators and students and the potential integration with Google classroom. Educators can create classes and enroll students by distributing an enrollment code. Students can take advantage of a citation manager when pulling together their notes for a writing project.

Scrible is available as both free and pro versions. The Pro version which costs $10 per educator and differs from the free version in capacity and some additional features. It makes sense to pay the low fee just to keep the service going. A school can purchase access for $1000.

This image shows a web page with Scrible activated. The icon (associated with the chrome extension) can be seen in the browser menubar. The Scrible tool bar then appears as shown in this image.

Scrible EDU offers educator/designers a way to generate classrooms. Each classroom will be assigned an invitation code and this code is shared with students.







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Adding annotations and prompts to online content