Blogger iOS fix

Blogger was once my goto blog tool (and then service). Google seems to have lost interest in Blogger, but I still want to use it for special purposes. I have a travel blog I use to post images and comments on recent trips I want to keep separate from this and other more general-purpose blogs I maintain. I usually write blog posts from a computer to speed text input, but when I travel I often want to use my iPad. There used to be an iPad Blogger app. This was discontinued. Then, there were other blog tools (some specific to younger users that would allow an educator to moderate before posting to a Blogger account) and these stopped working and were discontinued. You could kind of make due if you used Blogger adding content using a browser. However, this approach had the annoying problem that you could not access your iPad photo library. What good is a travel blog without photos?

I have found a fix that works. The iOS app App for Blogger or App for Blogspot (these are really the names) still works. The cost is $3 and the app seems a little crude and is missing features I would prefer (I can add images, but I cannot align them as I want). I use a combination of browser access and this app to generate the posts, but for the time being this works fine.