Respond to this – a nice design for requesting reactions

Cindy came up with a technique I thought was clever and perhaps of general utility. It was a strategy she used when she wanted to get and record the reaction of others to a display (in her case a project description from History Alive). So, her situation involved the need to independently solicit the reaction of social studies teachers to an activity from History Alive. I am suggesting this is a general strategy others might use to present something (any combination of media) and solicit reactions from multiple individuals you want to comment independently even if they are in the same room.

The display looks like this (I have purposefully degraded the History Alive content because of copyright concerns).

Here is how this was done. This is a combination of Google Sites and Google Forms. You use Google forms to structure the request for information you want to be brought into the Google spreadsheet. In this case, the inputs consisted of a combination of open ended questions and several forced choice items. You then use Google Sites to create a blank page and then modify by selecting the two column format from Layouts. You insert  the spreadsheet form in the right column (Insert is a menubar item and the item to be inserted is an option under the Insert Heading.). The combination is a sophisticated looking web page that accepts data from users and stores the data in a spreadsheet.