Planning for the future

Lately, I have generated few posts. I encountered problems with my other two blogs (described here) that I decided I would have to take some time to address in order to make sure my blogs would have some longevity. In brief, my other two blogs were corrupted in such a way that I could not upgrade the software. So, after a couple of days struggling with database issues, I gave up. The only solution was manual. Create a new blog, open the old blog, copy and paste, copy and paste, etc. Repeat approximately 450 times. It took a few days.

If you blog and wonder about this situation, I would suggest you look to see if there is a built-in way to inport and export. Sooner or later your database will become corrupted. WordPress has an input and export tool that makes use of an XML format and allows an alternative to trying to accomplish the same tasks via MySQL database manipulation.

The new blog, Blurts, is what I would describe as my microblog consisting of short posts mostly describing resources others may find useful.