Multiple personas (my weak attempt at a psych joke)

D. Warlich offered a post in which he commented on Personas – a MIT Media Lab application that categorizes Internet “references” to an individual. I guess he liked the representation of himself (looks like a genetic representation to me) and is using it as a header for his blog. Clever.

I decided to create a persona and contrast it with the persona of the individual I think I now best (cg).


Now, I am attempting to understand what the categories mean and what about our online presence would reveal differences. My wife is certainly more social and she has cause to be more involved with medical issues, i.e., she is a two time cancer survivor. I think the “books” priority for me makes sense (although Cindy’s Kindle did arrive today). Giving me any credit for “fashion” seems foolish (I guess one cannot assume mentions are necessarily positive).

BTW – your genetics seem to change a bit with each run – not sure what that means. I must be mutating.

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