Beware the Flock browser

It has been one of those days when I had plenty of time, but ended up getting little done. For some reason, I decided I should update my Flock browser. Bad mistake. I like(d) Flock because it allows easy access to my Flickr account and to this blog. I have had some difficulty with Flock and Firefox on my home Mac, but not on my laptop or office machine. My office machine runs an older version of the Mac OS – the U has a way of ignoring software updates that cost money.

The newer version of Flock does not launch with 10.3.9. I tried the standard routine – throw away all files associated with Flock, but nothing worked. I don’t blame myself for this one – I didn’t download a program my outdated operating system could not run. The online documentation claims Flock works with 10.3.9 and beyond, but the many complaints on the web indicate this is not the case. I believed the company.

I have been searching for older versions of Flock, but they do not appear to be available from Flock and when I think I have located a previous version the download defaults to 1.0 or 1.0.1. Anyway, if anyone knows how to return to an earlier version, I would appreciate an email or comment.

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