Confused and didn’t know it

I pay attention to what is available in the way of CMSs and operate several open source CMSs just for the experience. I have been reading about a new CMS (SilverStrip) and considered setting up an implementation until I realized that I have no server running PHP5.

Somewhere in the middle of reading and thinking about CMSs I realized I have been talking about and experimenting with two kinds of systems without realizing CMS does not always mean CMS.

There are Course Management Systems such as Blackboard (or Moodle).

There are Content Management Systems such as Drupal or SilverStrip.

Now that I realize a CMS is not a CMS I may suffer from a sense of confusion. What if we changed course management system to class management system? I guess that wouldn’t solve my new found problem. Sometimes it is simply better not to know.

Maybe this personal insight into cognitive behavior seems intriguing to no one but me. I think it is one of those experiences that makes you go – “hmm”. Context must be everything.

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