Day 2 in Beijing

A couple of today’s headlines from the China Daily (English edition):

  • Yao about that: Yao wins match-up with O’Neil
  • Friedman: Nothing girly about being green (Friedman is in Beijing to promote new book – Green is the New Red, White, Blue). The core message from the “World is Flat” is well received here.

We are back in our room after another late night. This evening we watched Kung Fu Theater – The legend of Chun Yi. This was a very impressive production, but our evening activities allow me access to the Internet at a late hour. The size of Beijing and the traffic require lengthy and long bus rides even though we do not leave the city.

The delegates visited schools today. Cindy visited Huiwen high school. This school has achieved the status of “Model High School”. It is a public school but students are admitted based on competitive examinations. It seems impossible to escape the system which grooms the best and the brightest through intense competition and examinations. It may seem a harsh system to us, but I assume the logic is that this focus is the most practical way to move the country forward with the limited resources available.

The technology facilities were impressive.

Computer Lag

I thought I a would add the following image. This is the Bird’s Nest – the stadium being built for the next olympic games. This facility will provide the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Bird's Nest

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