Artificial Intelligence

My servers conspire against me. Somehow, they “know” when I leave town and immediately generate some problem that I cannot fix remotely.
server error message

I am in Columbus, OH, to provide a presentation for the Midwestern Educational Research Association. The conference has a theme focused on technology this year so that provided the basis for their invitation to have me present. I am having a good time, attending sessions, taking notes, meeting people, etc. Somehow, the server that I use to offer my collection of bookmarks recognizes that I am not in town and decides to shut down. I added some new bookmarks to this system just yesterday. It has never failed in the nearly a year I have been experimenting with this service. I attend conferences maybe a max of two weeks per year and somehow it knows.

I am taking this as a sign of affection. My dog acts up when I leave town, too.

The “social bookmarking” data are intact and the site will be reactivated on Monday (I hope ;)).

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